Touch Screen KIOSK In Malaysia

Touch screen KIOSK are self service machines that operate without any human help. Thanks to the advanced technology out there, these services are highly demanded by consumers because of its efficacy and less time consuming features. 

What is a touch screen kiosk?

Touch screen kiosks are in the category of embedded pc which is known for its various purposes such as a self service automatic electronic device that consumers make use of in any mall, lrt station, or even airport station to get what they want with the help  of artificial intelligence that guides the entire process. The machine itself is known for its AI systems that have become helpful  and cost effective compared to the traditional way of paying someone to help the consumer to use the machine itself. The touch screen kiosks provide a wonderful experience to the consumers by allowing the consumers to interact with the machine, via digitally where the kiosk will detect pressure force by the consumer such as their fingers in order to respond to them.

Why are they touch screen kiosks?

Touch screen kiosks make the workload way more easier as it seems. Since we all are used to touch screens in our daily lives, it is the business developers’ idea like XYREON  to create something that we are most used with or even comfortable with. When we make use of the touch screen kiosk by ourselves, we are aware of what we intend from it, as for the AI driven system that can be found in the majority of the kiosk machine, it provides a speed up process to information that the consumers are seeking by improving their customer experience. In addition, in note with the current situation, touch screen kiosks have been the most convenient resource in order to prevent the spread of covid-19 disease by minimizing the interaction with humans as much as possible.

Where can you find  touch screen kiosks?touch screen kiosk in Malaysia

Touch screen kiosks can be found all around Malaysia. Such as shopping malls, lrt or train stations, even fast food services as well.

  • Shopping malls

The benefits of having a touch screen kiosk as a digital directory in a shopping mall is to guide shoppers to locate shopping stores and also to ensure where they want to get to by showing them how to get there.

  • Lrt, or train stations.

The reliability in having touch screen kiosks at train stations such as ktm or lrt is to help passengers reduce their time waiting in lines to book a ticket.

  • Fast food services.

Due to its popularity and also it’s fast service, fast food franchises like Mcdonalds, Kfc are has stepped up its game in providing restaurant self service kiosks which is a type of touch screen kiosk in Malaysia to order their food.

touch screen kiosk in Malaysia

The benefits of having a touch screen kiosk machine, electronic devices that serve multiple purposes all around Malaysia is undeniable. For more, head off to the XYREON Technology Sdn. Bhd, check out their website today to know more.

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