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silicone breast pump suction Malaysia

Nursing mothers sometimes need a break from being the sole source of sustenance when it comes to feeding their infants and babies. If you’re both up for it, there’s no reason why you and your partner can’t offer the breastfed baby his or her bottle on occasion. Get a breast pump and a baby bottle cleaner in Malaysia to make things easy.


It’s an excellent way for one of the other parents to bond with your child and gain confidence in their parental position. Here are some quick bottle-feeding tips and methods for breastfeeding newborns to help you get the most out of your feeding.

silicone breast pump suction Malaysia

  1. Bottle-fed babies who were breastfed

If mom plans to breastfeed, you’ll want to wait a while before commencing bottle feeding. Other people can start bottle-feeding newborns on an irregular basis once the mother’s milk supply is established and the baby is connecting and eating well. 4 to 6 weeks is usually a good starting point.


It’s important to remember that mom’s milk flow is often slower than a conventional bottle nipple. Bottle nipples come in a variety of flow rates, from very slow to very fast. So, in Malaysia, acquire Mamacliqs breast pump and baby bottle cleanser.


  1. How to Prepare Breast Milk in a Bottle


Frozen breastfeeding bags can be thawed overnight in the refrigerator or by running them under hot water. Consider something like the Mamacliqs, which gently warmed breast milk without damaging key nutrients, if you need to thaw breast milk rapidly. Give the container a quick wash before putting the milk in it to make sure it’s clean (as well as your hands).


The Bottle Can Be Warmed in the Following Ways:


You might be one of the few parents whose child drinks a bottle straight from the fridge. The bottle will, however, need to be warmed up for many newborns. You can prepare it in a number of ways, but one of them is to avoid using the microwave. This post will teach you more about bottle warming processes.


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