The TOP Importance of a healthy liver

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Did you know that your liver is responsible for over 500 different tasks that keep you healthy? The true figure is likely far higher, as experts continue to find new ways that this hardworking organ can boost human health. Your liver is both the heaviest and second-largest organ in your body (after your skin). Its key activities include processing nutrients from food and flushing out pollutants. But that’s just the start. Your liver also produces proteins, and bile regulates blood sugar levels and does a lot more. As a result, maintaining a functioning liver is essential for general health and well-being. Your entire body will suffer if your liver is overworked or sluggish. So let us explore the TOP benefits of a healthy liver, shall we? 

Proganic medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia

TOP Benefits of a Healthy Liver: 

  • It breaks down the food you eat

When you eat, your digestive system starts breaking down the food into small bits right away. These nutrients eventually make their way into your bloodstream and pass through your liver. The nutrients are subsequently processed by your liver by your body’s requirements. Your body won’t be able to use any of the nutrients in the food you eat unless your liver is doing its job properly, no matter how healthy your diet is. Your liver begins sorting out the breakdown of fats and sugars minutes after you eat a meal. Your liver has switched from burning fat for energy to storing as much glucose (sugar) as possible in under half an hour.

  • Nutrients are stored and used by it

After your liver has processed the vitamins and minerals in your meal, it saves some of them for later use by converting them to a form that your body can use for energy. It makes vital compounds that your body requires for daily functioning by combining other nutrients. The liver, for example, produces a major portion of the lipoproteins your body requires. This procedure is substantially hampered if your liver is sick or injured. A person suffering from liver failure may develop nutritional deficiencies, which can lead to serious illnesses like brain damage and coma.

  • It eliminates pollutants that are damaging to the body

All of your blood travels through your liver, which acts as a filter. This is significant because, like any excellent filter, your liver filters out substances that could harm your body. Toxins such as drugs and alcohol fall under this category. These poisons are separated from your blood by your liver and sent to be eliminated from your body. Your liver removes items that your body no longer needs, such as old hormones, damaged cells, and proteins, in addition to things like penicillin and Tylenol. Your liver must also produce urea to eliminate ammonia from your body. Ammonia is extremely toxic, and if it isn’t removed from the bloodstream quickly and effectively, it can cause central nervous system problems.

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