Is It Difficult To Be A Teacher?

The work of a teacher is no longer as simple as it once was. They are confronted with a number of challenging challenges as a result of today’s quick pace of development. In the age of globalization and a world without boundaries, a teacher’s responsibility includes more than just teaching pupils to be 3M literate (reading, writing, and counting).

They must raise a generation that embodies the National Education Philosophy, which aims to develop individuals’ potential in a comprehensive and integrated manner in order to create a balanced and harmonious human being intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically, based on faith and obedience to God. This initiative aims to generate Malaysians who are knowledgeable, responsible, and capable of achieving personal happiness while also contributing to society’s and country’s harmony and success.

However, the current scenario reveals that there are loopholes and flaws in the national education system’s execution.

Hardship on Educating Child 

The media regularly reports on a thousand and one social ills afflicting today’s teens. Throwing infants,, free sex, bullying, quarrelling, skipping school, and watching porn are examples of their moral breakdown and immorality. This excludes the question of drugs and rempit, which appears to be pointless.

foundation in science in malaysia

On the other side, there is a tendency to strive for academic brilliance to the exclusion of all else. As though getting as many A’s on tests is the only way to succeed in the national school system, there is a race to get as many A’s as possible. It is not wrong to thrive academically, but should it be our entire goal in life?

Purpose Of Education In Islam 

The purpose of education in Islam, according to Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas (2001), is to produce civilized human beings. Manners involve acknowledging something correctly and accurately; good behavior to discipline the mind and soul as well as the prominence of right and proper behavior. Civilized human beings can only be created with knowledge and wisdom (wisdom) that produces justice to themselves, the country, society and the environment.

There is a Difference Between Teaching and Educating 

Therefore, teachers must know the difference between teaching and educating. It is not the same between teaching apes to pick coconuts and educating students to be useful human beings. Educating not only creates a generation that is intellectually literate but also spiritually, emotionally and physically intact.

In Conclusion

To conclude the facts stated above, the fact is that the task borne by a teacher is very heavy. On their shoulders is the responsibility to produce the next generation of excellence that will form a distinguished nation. Please respect and be grateful to your teacher. They are the ones that make you clever and involved in the thinking process. Their deeds are great to the community and nation. If you are interested in being a teacher, please do so. Try to learn the foundation in science in malaysia.  I made the teaching profession my career field because from a young age my ambition was to be a teacher, but at that time I did not specify what specialization I wanted to take because I was not exposed in the right way about this teaching profession. That I want to be when I grow up I will confidently answer. 

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