Nursing degree: a different vision of the profession

diploma kejururawatan

After the appearance of the degree in nursing, the graduates consider whether or not there is a need to make the transition from one degree to another and how it can be done. At present, the competencies and functions of both degrees are the same although.

Being a nurse means exercising a profession turned towards others: listening, examining, advising, educating or treating people, ensuring their well-being. Being a nurse also means choosing your mode of practice and working as a team: nurses intervene in prevention and care structures, as well as at home, independently and in collaboration with other health professionals. This highly responsible job requires rigor, vigilance and technical skills.

Five expected were selected for nursing training:

Interest in health and social issues: knowledge in the health, medico-social and social field, knowledge of the profession, sense of the general interest;

Human qualities and interpersonal skills: ability to pay attention to others, ability to collaborate and work in a team, ability to exchange and communicate with others, use of digital tools, ability to document and communicate in a language foreign;

Written and oral expression skills: good command of French and written and oral language;

Aptitude for a scientific approach and mastery of the basics of arithmetic: ability to search, select, organize and restore scientific information, ability to produce logical reasoning, mastery of the basics of arithmetic;

diploma kejururawatan

Organizational skills and knowing how to be: rigor, method, diligence, ability to organize oneself, to prioritize tasks, autonomy in work, creativity.


Admission to a nursing training institute for diploma kejururawatan is made on file via online.

The pursuit of studies

Graduate nurses can continue their education in order to specialize.

Directly after obtaining their diploma, they can prepare the DE in childcare in 1 year or the DE in operating room nurse (18 months).

After 2 years of practice, they can choose to complete their training with the DE of nurse anesthetist.

They can also become an advanced practice nurse by preparing for the 2-year diploma. To practice, it will be necessary to justify at least 3 years of practice as a nurse.

Finally, after 4 years of practice, they can access management positions by validating the health management diploma (10 months).

Why study the degree

The Licentiate in Nursing studied at the School of Nursing, it is a prestigious title that trains in law to provide health care in different care settings, both public and private.

The student will receive a high quality education with an appropriate methodology which allows you to acquire a broader perspective, a variety of ideas, different cultural values, different ways of learning and, above all, the importance of a systematic study of problems and trends in society, health and nursing.

The pre-requisite nursing education diploma is required to gain access to master’s, doctoral and specialist nurse titles.

What you learn

These studies are formed professional future to meet the needs of people and their dynamic and responsible environment in different contexts of care and social contexts, for which different disciplines are addressed (biomedical, psychosocial, nursing, ..) study the body, the functions and behavior of people in the disease process of health, which enables it to offer quality health care through applying scientific facts and approaches and techniques of the self-restraint.


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