What Employers in Malaysia Are Looking for From Their Applicants

What Employers in Malaysia Are Looking for From Their Applicants

Are you looking for a job in Malaysia? While in some parts of this country, jobs might be scarce, not in its capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Yes, there are employment in Malaysia and it is up to you to look for one where you are qualified. However, as there are also many applicants, your first task should be is to know what they are looking for. What are most employers check first from their applicants? By knowing this, you should be able to keep up with their requirements.

Here are some of the first things most employers in Malaysia will check:

1. How fast you can think of something

Once you will be working, there will be a lot of times when you need to think fast of new idea. Employers know about this and this is why you will be checked for this. There might even be times when they will really test you for this to see if you can right away come up with something that can solve a certain situation.

2. How flexible and adaptable you can get

Flexibility is quite important in every employee. You might be assigned to different tasks and your fast decision will matter a lot. You see, some employers will choose among their employees who would be the best candidate for a particular assignment. However, they also need the agreement of their choice. If you happen to be in this situation, you can’t drag your employer for long. You have to make a decision and this is one of the questions your interviewee might ask from you.

3. Comfortable/confidence

They would like applicants who are comfortable about themselves and quite confidence. They want those who believe in theirselves, but not in a way that they can already be assumed as cocky. People like these usually bring results. They know what they can do and they won’t hesitate to tell you if a task is impossible for their skills already.

4. The will to be taught

No one is born perfect. Employers know about this and this is why most new-hired applicants will first be trained. The thing is they will be looking for one who is willing to learn. One who admits that he needs to still taught about things. In a simple word, employer prefer those who wants to be taught.

5. Teamwork

You must know how to blend with other people. In fact, even the heads will try to blend with their subordinates. The more that you should do so as most of the time, you will be working with other employees. You should not become a problem as for sure, your employer will right away know who is the troublemaker.

6. Honesty

This will start with your resume. Note that this is their only proof of the things you can do. That said, you have to only put what you can really do and don’t exaggerate it. They might let you do whatever it is you are putting in your resume only to find out that you don’t know them at all.

7. Work ethic

This is where your ways when you start working. You have to come early and go home on time as well. At the same time, if you need to do overtime because of unfinished tasks, you should do so and don’t just prepare some alibis. Your employers don’t want to hear that as they just want results.

8. Determination

Not all the time that you can stay in your comfort zone. At times, your manager or employer might give you something that will be too challenging for you to handle, you should not say no right away. Instead, you should try your best to do them as before your manager assign that task to you, he already know that you can do it. Don’t disappoint him by offering your reasons as for sure, he will take that against you.

9. Loyalty

No company will be perfect. Yes, there are always aspects in it that you won’t like. However, as you are there applying to be part of their team, you have to consider them your own. Just because you realize that the other company is better, they have more perks and so on, you will right away do some steps to move there. Note that your new employer will be asking for reasons and might even ask your previous company why you move. Loyalty is one of the traits company owners will first look for in their employees.

Yes, no matter where you are in this globe actually, knowing what employers are looking for is already an edge for every applicant. Thus, while you are looking for a job in Malaysia, it is important that you learn about them. After all, they are the decision makers.

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