Using The Internet As a Responsible Internet User

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The internet is one of the best inventions that we received since its existence. We have been utilising it for numerous different purposes. The main purpose of the internet especially in this era is to communicate with each other and to get information. There are plenty of types of internet that are available and can be used from different parts of the world. In Malaysia, you can get Jom Apply Time fibre to experience the best internet connection speed at your house or business premise. Since the internet has been with us for more than 20 years, we are aware that there might be a misuse of the internet and that is why we are going to understand how are we going to be responsible internet users.

Using The Intenet as a Medium for Communication

We communicate every single day using the internet and accurately, through social media. The platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among the top applications used all around the world. Although existence is meant to connect us all, there are people who misuse these applications and turn them into something negative. There have been cases of identity theft, online bullying, scams and numerous other cases done by irresponsible internet users. To prevent this from happening, many actions such as campaigns and law enforcement have been done. Despite that, these cases are still going on today. Therefore, if you are reading this post, it is best for you to spread awareness on this matter. 


How to Avoid From Using The Internet Negatively

If you think that you are not capable of stopping people from misusing the internet, it is time for you to avoid turning yourself into one of them. Sometimes, we tend to be driven by our anger and emotions especially when we scroll down our social media feeds. There are cases that would make us mad and angry and we might turn into an online bullies just to express our opinions. There are ways to prevent these from happening such as:


  • Spend Time Watching Movies and Series

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This is a way of distracting you from the current issues. What you have to do is to log in to your online streaming platforms and start picking one series or movie that you are interested in. By doing so, you would not be bothered by the current issue that is passing by your feed, instead, you will be focusing on the storyline of whatever you are watching. But do remember to set a limit of how many movies or episodes to watch per day. 

  • Do Not Disturb Mode

DND mode is a mode that disables notifications from applications appearing on your phone display. Important calls would not be blocked, but this is enough to distract you from being too focused on the internet. Apart from that, it would add up to your serenity which is important. 

  • Only Use The Internet Whenever Needed

The internet serves as a platform to seek knowledge and information. Whenever needed, you are always welcome to use the internet. There are times when you can use your social media account, but just in a moderate amount. Internet addiction can happen if you refuse to do so. In this pandemic era, the internet and gadgets such as smartphones and laptops are a must, so do remember to use these items responsibly. 

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