Things to Consider in Choosing a Property to Rent in Malaysia

Choosing a Property to Rent in Malaysia

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Things to Consider In Choosing a Property to Rent in Malaysia

In this article I would like to share my thoughts on the things that we need to consider when choosing a property to rent in Malaysia. There are a lot of real estate property for rent or lease in Malaysia, especially from edgeprop. It could be a room, a condominium unit, an apartment or a landed house.

1. Price discrimination

Since Malaysia is a multicultural country, you cannot avoid racial discrimination. There are landladies or landlords who prefer a certain race. Some of them prefer foreigners who are Caucasians from Asians because they can set a higher price to them. Some Asians will also haggle the price so they don’t like it. If you are of a certain race and from your first meeting with the property owner he or she doesn’t seem to like you, then leave and try to find another property. There are actually lots of property to choose from anyway. A few examples if you are living in Johor area is Desa Skudai Apartment, Aster Court, along with Molek Pine.

But I happen to talk to a friend who has a condo and he is having it rented. He told me that he has reasons why he prefers a certain nationality over the other because there are other nationality, which I will not mention here, who does not clean the house. After two weeks of renting, the house is already very dirty and very smelly like you cannot really enter the whole place. Maybe it has something to do with the food they eat inside the condo, and since it is a condo and it has a very low ventilation, the smell stays there. Some owners have also bad experience with a certain nationality so he generalizes that everyone from that country has the same attitude as his previous tenants.

2. Clean environment

Another thing to consider is also the cleanliness of the whole house and also outside the house. If your think that the place is very unsanitary like the neighbors are not a fan of cleaning their surroundings then don’t expect that they will learn to clean their homes once you become their. That’s never gonna happen. However, properties in Kuala Lumpur such as Seni Mont Kiara, Apartment Abadi Indah and Sri Impian definitely has a high level of cleanliness.

3. Your status

Your status is also another consideration when choosing for a property in Malaysia. For example, if you are single, meaning alone, not necessarily without a boyfriend or a girlfriend but will leave in the property by yourself, then you may consider a small condo or a room, again depending on your budget. If you are a low earner, you may get a small room for yourself or if you have a sky-is-the-limit budget, you can easily get a condo unit with complete amenities. If you are married with family, you might want to get an apartment or a whole house. For family with higher budget, there are two-bedroom or three-bedroom condominium units available. Gated houses are also available for rent or lease in Malaysia if you want your family to stay in a real Malaysian community. For students, they mostly depend on the budget of their parents so they do not have much say in the decision making on which apartment or room to take. A few options that students can consider in Penang are Putra Place, Desa Putra as well as Taman Kheng Tian.

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