The Final To-Do List Before Baby Arrives

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You’re peeing on a stick one minute and maternity leave the next. Believe it or not, nine months fly by, and your due date will be here before you realise it.

You’ve probably spent months planning, preparing, and dreaming about your baby’s birth. Now that you’re in the home stretch, there are a few items to cross off your list so that when the baby arrives, you can focus on staring at, breathing in, and loving that precious newborn.

The following is the final to-do list before the baby arrives.

  1. Wash the baby clothes and linen

Because a newborn’s skin is extremely delicate, it’s best to wash all new clothing to reduce irritation. Use a gentle washing powder or detergent that is free of colours and perfumes, as these can irritate their sensitive skin.

  1. Clean everything

During the last several weeks of pregnancy, many women experience a “nesting” period. Take advantage of this strong desire because cleaning will be the last thing on your mind once your baby arrives. Prioritize a hot cup of tea, a long shower, or a nap.

  1. Fill the freezer

This is a piece of advice you’ll hear again and over again. A well-stocked freezer will be appreciated by your postpartum self. Slow cookers and rice cookers, for example, will make dinner preparation a snap, churning up delectable foods with the push of a few buttons.

  1. Beautify yourself

A little pampering never hurts, and this is the perfect time to do it throughout your pregnancy. Cuts, waxing, painting, plucking, shaping, tinting – whatever your beauty routine entails, make sure you schedule your visits during the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

  1. Finalise paperwork

Preparing for it isn’t the most thrilling part of the process, but it is necessary nonetheless. Ascertain that all of your paperwork is in order. Check that your insurance, tax, medical, and Centrelink information is up to date. You won’t miss a bill if you set up direct debits for recurring payments like utilities and phone bills.

  1. Life admin

Consider other life admin tasks, such as getting your car serviced and seeing the dentist, in addition to keeping all of your documentation in order. These are minor details to organise now, but they may seem overpowering once the baby arrives.

  1. Install car seat

Placing a car seat is a necessary if you want to take your darling bundle of joy home! Check with the retailer and schedule an appointment a few weeks before your due date if your new car seat comes with free professional installation.

  1. Make arrangement

This isn’t your first rodeo, right? Have a plan in place for who will stay with your children, look after them, and provide child care or school pick-up/drop-off while you are in the hospital. Similarly, if you have a pet or two, plan for them to be looked after or for someone to come visit, feed, and walk them.

  1. To-do list

There are to-do lists, shopping lists, step-by-step lists, and so on. Make a few lists before the baby arrives so you don’t be overwhelmed with inquiries, whether it’s cooking instructions for your partner or how to use the washing machine for visitors who offer a helping hand.

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baby product store Malaysia

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