The Concern of LED Signage

The Concern of LED Signage

Nowadays, so many small physical shop are using LED signage, with a beautiful calligraphy typography format to represent their business.
Since many of the businesses are using LED for their business signage? Then have you considered shifting to LED signage for your business as well?

Let me tell you some facts that you need to consider before you decide to change your original signage to LED signage.

Of course, you can always look for any friendly signage supplier to give more details and information to you. Good news, you can check out signage malaysia to ensure you get the best services out there!

So let’s get started with the information I gather.

Things to consider before changing signage

1. Life-time period

First, you need to consider of the life-time period of your LED signage. One of the “not so good” thing is that you need considered high maintenance. If you are considering of using premium quality lightning.

The normal light that used by the LED signage will last around 40 thousands hours, after that, you have to change for a new one. This is the only thing you have to consider using the light signage. But can’t deny, it is one of the most attractive signages to consider for business, especially the physical store.

For a few times, is okay, but the problem is long-term of changing the lightning, which is the biggest concern, nothing else.

There are many fake LED lightning suppliers out there selling second-hand light to the business, as the second-hand light are not original, it will affect the life-time period. So you have to beware of this to happen.

Don’t worry, you do not need to worry about the safety issue, as the LED light is designed with unbreakable material, even if you’re on for a long period of time, it still will naturally cool down on its own.

It doesn’t matter your LED signage are open exposed to the sunlight or huge lightning and thunder during rainy day, still, it is safe.

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