Sewer and Drainage is Important 

First and foremost, to understand why water has a high surface tension, or why the water surface is relatively strong, we must first look at the partial charges on a water molecule. Because the oxygen side of the molecule has a mildly negative charge and the protons end has a partial positive charge, hydrogen bonds are said to be dipolar. Because the bonding electrons (which are negatively charged) are attracted to the oxygen nucleus more strongly than they are to the hydrogen nucleus, the oxygen molecule is more negatively charged than the hydrogen atoms. When the slightly negative oxygen end of one water molecule attracts the relatively positive hydrogen end of another water molecule, a hydrogen bond is formed.


So Why Does Sewer or Drainage is Important? 

You know what a sewer is? On average, we certainly describe the process of sewage waste treatment when asked about the sewerage system. But what exactly is meant by ‘sewerage system’ that mankind is using? 

    A sewerage system is the process of collecting, delivering, treating sewage wastewater, and maintaining sewerage systems and septic tanks. In Malaysia, sewerage services are divided into two types that are mainly used. 


What Is In Water? 

Okay, let’s get to know that most pathogens found in water infect people through the fecal-oral route, meaning that one person who is infected with a pathogen spreads that pathogen to others by contaminating food or water via their nether regions for instance Improper hygiene mostly. With that in mind, sewage is host to a plethora of microbes and pathogens and you don’t have to be surrounded with it. The solution? Sewers! Yes, sewers! Sewers function is to separate the excrement of the people and mostly to protect our health. Storm sewers (a part of a sewage system) are separate from the sewer mains that carry waste and instead carry excess rain water to keep roads from flooding.


Importance of Drainage 

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1.If suitable drainage is not in place in the city, the likelihood of flooding will grow.


  1. Water cannot be easily stored, and in places where rainfall is insufficient, water cannot be supplied, and canals, dams, streams, rivers, ponds, and ocean water levels will diminish.


3.Most ground water is destroyed or wasted owing to faulty city drainage, and occasionally water logging happens during the monsoon, and water remains logged, causing pollution and disease, which has a direct impact on national economic levels.


  1. It improves the strength and durability of buildings, roads, and other structures.


  1. It promotes the use of water reserves and water harvesting.


  1. It helps to store more water and can be utilized for agriculture, drinking water, and other purposes.


Did You Know? 


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Water Is Essential but Scary 

Water is the most important compound ensuring life on Earth. But on roads the presence of water means mainly trouble. A main cause of road damage, and problems with the serviceability of road networks, is excess water filling the pores of road materials in the road and in the subgrade soils.

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