Common Mistakes when Applying for a Job

Common Mistakes when Applying for a Job

With the worldwide inflation of prices these days, it is quite tough to be jobless, especially if you happen to be in a foreign country. Is this your situation right now? Are you currently looking for a job? If you happen to be in Malaysia, like in Kuala Lumpur, you are just lucky as there are so many opportunities in the center of business in the said country. However, you also need to watch out as you might end up doing the same mistakes others have done.

So, what are these common mistakes when applying for a job in Malaysia?

Check this out:

1. Not checking hot resume or cover letter for grammatical errors

Yes, you are not applying as a writer maybe, but your english will matter a lot, especially for an expat. This is the only communication you can use so that you will understand each other. If you can’t also do this properly, there is a good chance your application will be rejected. You should proofread your application documents a number of times first before finally submitting it.

2. Not following direction about the application processes

This is one thing that your hiring manager will not miss and will not forgive. The reason because there will be a lot of instructions once you are hired. If during the application process, you cannot already follow, you will become a problem for them later on. Note that it is in this phase where you should do your best as you are still trying to prove yourself. There should be no room for negligence and carelessness.

3. Fake info in your resume

It is of course understandable if you will divulge every positive events about you as you will try your best to impress the company. However, if you will include fake info, or anything that is not connected to you in any way, they will not let it slide for sure. They will assume that you will just do the same thing wen you start working with them. It also means that you cannot be trusted.

4. Applying for a job not fit for you

Yes, you want to get a job as soon as possible. You are quite desperate thus you applied for every job vacancy you come across. However, this is not a hood idea and is just a waste of time and effort. With so many applicants, you will never be accepted in a job you are not even knowledgeable about. You will just waste the time of the company as well.

5. Missing the crux of job applications

When applying for a job, you have to dig about the company. You need not go to the company and ask any of the staff directly. With the advent of the digital world, that can be done even without bothering them. You can check the sites that talk about them and you can even do some comments in their social media platforms. Doing so, will give employ of edge over those applicants who did not bother doing this as well.

6. Fake references

References are quite important both for the applicants and the hiring company. This will tell a lot about the subject and this is why this aspect is required by the company. They want to ask more about the applicants from the mentioned references. So, if you are using fake references, you can be assured that they will find out. There is no question to that so, it is better to have no references at all than putting fake ones.

7. Lying in the resume

This is just the same thing with the fake references. The resume is the only document in your application that tells about your skills. If you are lying in this, then how can the company learn more about you. Don’t think that they will just hire you based on what is written in the resume as that will not happen. Of course they will try to validate whatever is written there and if they find out they are just fake, trust me, they will outright reject your application.

Yes, it is quite a tough situation of you are without a job in a country where you are a newbie. While there are so many job vacancies, both online and offline, it is important that you do your best when applying to any of them. After all, there are also endless of applicants!

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