Breastfeeding in Malaysia

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Breastfeeding is an ordinary activity that is done by mothers to feed their babies. Although a lot of women are hesitant to breastfeed in public, especially in relatively conservative countries such as Malaysia, it is actually socially accepted. 

In Malaysia, there is a breastfeeding policy in place which states that all mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their children from birth until six months or up until the age of two years old. 

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Effects on the Mother and Baby

Breastfeeding does affect the mother, it does reduce the risks for having breast and ovary cancer. Other effects that breastfeeding brings to the mother is that it would reduce the risk of having type 2 diabetes along with the lesser tendency to have high blood pressure. 

Breastfeeding also benefits the baby, this is because breastfeeding is one of the best sources of protein for the baby. Besides that, the breastfeeding also shares the antibody from the mother with her baby.


Risks of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can come with its own set of problems. One of the more common problems is that sore or cracked nipples would occur. This is mainly due to the baby not being well positioned when breastfeeding. Seeking guidance from a midwife or a medical professional would help with the discomfort and educate mothers on the proper technique.  


Another problem that mothers would face is breast engorgement which tends to happen when your breast gets too full of milk and it would feel painful. In the early days when the baby and the mother is getting used to breastfeeding, this problem is common but after a few days. The mother would usually be able to get their milk supply to their baby’s needs. 

Blocked milk ducts can happen as a result of engorgement continues, mothers would feel a small lump in their breast. 

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Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding in public is not something that is against the law. However, mothers who wish to breastfeed in public should do so with discretion. This would mean having to cover up so as to not have her breast exposed to the public. 

In Malaysia, the general public does not quite care about the mothers who breastfeed. People generally respect the privacy of mothers when they breastfeed.  


There are people who are against the idea of breastfeeding in public and would deem it to be inappropriate. The one way that could be suggested for mothers to breastfeed in public is to also use breastmilk storage bags malaysia. These packs could be kept in the fridge for example after the mother milks her breast with a breast pump. Besides the covers that they could use, storing their breast milk so that it could be fed to the baby in public like they would with normal milk. Women should not be ashamed to breastfeed their child in public, despite the common self-consciousness that they experience. 


Do You Need A Breast Pump?

Mothers do not need breast pumps and the act of breastfeeding has been going on for thousands of years therefore not needing any external devices to help with this. 

Unless the mother wishes to store her breast milk in order to feed her baby with ease or even in public with a bottle, then buying a breast pump would help. Looking into the various types and brands of these pumps would help mothers make an informed decision.

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