4 Why Your Internet Keeps Disconnecting, and How to Fix It —


An internet outage, no matter how brief, is more than just a little inconvenience; it poses a serious threat to daily activities. In this new era of working from home, having a reliable internet connection is just as important as keeping the lights on.


Inconsistent speeds or an out-of-date router may lead to connection issues. If you’re having trouble connecting, it’s possible that your service provider is the source of the problem. In order to help you address these issues, we’ve collected a list of symptoms, diagnoses, and remedies. Let’s go back to the business of providing fast service.


Your internet connection is extremely slow.


Your overall speed may decrease if you have too many devices using too much bandwidth at the same time. If you live with a large group of people, this is especially true. Disconnecting from the network is a possibility for Wi-Fi-enabled devices.


On a 15–25 Mbps wireless connection, Zoom sessions, for example, can become choppy or even cease working while others stream high-definition movies and play games on the same network


What are your options for resolving the issue?


Use a wired device to run a speed test from your modem to discover whether you’re receiving close to your plan’s advertised speeds. In order to get the most accurate results, we recommend utilising the new Speed Test App, which is now available for download from the Apple App Store (Android is on the way).


Use “How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?” app if both tests show you are on the right track with your plan’s speeds. Use https://jomapply.com/time/ if the first doesn’t work properly.


Your modem is unable to establish a connection to the internet.


If your modem and your internet service provider (ISP) aren’t communicating properly, you run the risk of losing your internet connection at any time. Having a modem is a need if you want to use your internet provider’s signals to communicate with your home network. A problem with the area may cause your modem to be disconnected from the Internet. It’s possible that you’re the source of the issue and can fix it.


What are your options for resolving the issue?


Inspect the connection between the modem and the point of entry into your home before using the internet. In some cases, a cable that connects to your modem from a wall outlet or through a hole may be visible.


Check with your internet provider to see if the modem is receiving and delivering signals correctly if everything appears to be in order. If not, customer care can remotely troubleshoot the modem and, if necessary, dispatch a technician.


Your cables are broken


If you have loose, old, or damaged cables, your internet will continually disconnect.


You’ll need one of three different cables to connect your modem or wireless gateway to your internet connection if you’re using cable or DSL. A separate connection is required to connect a standalone router to a standalone modem.


You’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect your wireless router to the optical network terminal (ONT) for fibre-to-the-home internet—Google refers to these devices as the Network Box and Fibre Jack, respectively. The three cables listed below are used by other fibre services.


For most home internet connections, there are three basic types of cables:


Coaxial cable — Connects a modem or wireless gateway to your home’s cable TV connection.


Phone cable – A phone cable connects a modem or wireless gateway to a phone line that enters your home.


Ethernet cable – A solo modem or ONT is connected to a standalone router through an Ethernet connection. Computers, game consoles, set-top boxes, and other devices need Ethernet connections to connect to a router or wireless gateway.


If one of these cables fails, your entire network could be jeopardised. Your internet will either not operate at all or will work intermittently, leaving you frustrated as the connection keeps dropping out.


What are your options for resolving the issue?


Ensure that all cables are connected and secured. If you can, replace them with fresh cables, which can be found for a reasonable price on Amazon.

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