Why Use Additives In Construction?

The additives, unlike cement, aggregates and water, are not essential components of the concrete mix, they are important and their use is spreading more and more, due to the contribution they make to the economy of the mix; due to the need to modify the characteristics of the concrete in such a way that they adapt to the conditions of the work and the requirements of the builder.

Concrete must be workable, capable of being finished: Strong and durable. These qualities can often be achieved in a simple and inexpensive way by selecting the appropriate materials or changing the proportions of the mixture without having to resort to the use of additives.

It is not just an issue for architects or civil engineers, when you build you are the owner of the project and you have the freedom to choose if you want to use quality products from the beginning of the work or do rework in the medium term due to humidity problems or cracking. In this sense, it is important that you know briefly what additives are and the importance of their application and function in any type of work.

Additives are components of an organic nature that modify the properties of concrete or mortar mixtures, the latter being the most common materials in construction. Moisture prevention, reinforcement to prevent cracks, rapid setting or retarding of concrete, are main reasons why additives are used.

Ensures healthy structures for years

Your initial investment will probably increase but in the medium term the benefit is greater because using quality products from construction ensures healthy structures where moisture, cracks and even leaks will not be your concern for long.

What brand of additives do you use?

Additives from this chemical company have been on the market for more than a century and are synonymous with quality in any work. Any construction expert will recommend them to you.

Where do you find them?

Come to 3d resources branch and they will advise you on the use of additives for any type of work. If you are building make sure your master builder applies them.

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