University life

School life and university life are very different and it is like heaven and earth. Everyone will have their own journey while continuing their study at university. If one is relaxed and in the comfort zone in their school, they can’t ever be in the same situation when they continue their study at the university. They will need to spend a lot of money while they are studying at university. The student will need to spend almost three thousand ringgit Malaysia for their own laptop. A laptop is a must for university students because almost all things at the university need a laptop. They also need to continuously spend their money while studying there.because not only they will need to pay the university fee but a lot of other things that are not stated in offer letters such as books, their foods and a lot of other unexpected things. You also can ever predict things while you are studying at university. That is the time your mentality will be tested and see whether you pass it or not. Some people out there argue about why students need to buy a laptop when the university itself has provided the computer for the student such as in the libraries and the computer labs. 

The first thing is a student needs a laptop on their own self because it will help them do the assignments at their own time. We all need to understand that using the computer that the university has provided means you need to follow their own time of computer usage. The places where the computer is located are also limited and sometimes quite far from the students’ room. Less or more it will take a lot more time for students to go to the location of the computer than actually using it to do the assignments. Students need a laptop because they can use it wherever they want to use it as long as it is comfortable for them. They also can use their own laptop at night for them to complete the assignment. While others are sleeping out there, the university students spend and sacrifice almost all of their night and sleep in order for them to complete their assignments. The student’s mental health is at stake because everything is depending on how the students manage themselves. A university student has a lot of things on their minds and that is how the graduates are matured enough to handle something challenging after they finish their studies. The student also can’t ever fully depend on their smartphone because some of the software that they used while they are studying is unavailable for the smartphone interfaces. You need to be aware and know more mobile development Malaysia.

In conclusion, we will never judge someone based on their appearance because we do not know what they face and go through until they reach this far. Even if you are not one of the university students, you should train your mind and your body to be like that because, in the real world situation, we will never know what is coming for us. if you want to learn more about something new, you can click here.

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