Top Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a famous city because of its world of casinos. Located in Nevada, United States, it is the 28th most populated city in the country. The city was founded in 1905 and the first mayor of the city is Peter Buol. People travel from all over the world to come to Las Vegas to experience the casinos. It is celebrated as some of the world’s greatest casinos in the world. Not just the casinos, Las Vegas is a city filled with entertainment. Shows such as Cirque du Soleil and Absinthe are very famous there. It is a city that is constantly bustling with entertainment, with shows, concerts, events that you can enjoy at any time of the day. In the article, however, we are going to focus on the world of casinos. There are so many casinos in Las Vegas, it is countless. The casinos are always filled with people, placing bets and just enjoying their time there. Despite the long list of casinos in Las Vegas, here are five top casinos in Las Vegas. 

1 – Caesars Palace

This casino is considered the best for sports betting. The part of the casino where people wages on sports are called “The Sports Book” and in Caesars Palace, you would always find a crowd in this place. It provides the players with a 138-foot LED video wall that would play the ongoing sports. That video wall consists of six massive screens, where, together with the sports, it also displays up-to-the-minute betting done on the game. This gives the casino’s oddsmakers the ability to arrange multiple sporting games at any given time. Now, with new renovations, people are provided with more comfort and convenience in the room.

2 – ARIA 

ARIA is the best casino for slots. It has one of the largest slot-machine floors in the whole of Las Vegas. It has even current favourites such as Wheel of Fortune 3D, The Simpsons and many more. It takes slot tournament to a whole new level by hosting it several times per year. ARIA also offers exclusive high-limit slot rooms in the whole of Nevada. This room, called SPIN, has machines that can cost roughly 5000USD per pull. The room also has a separate area to exchange your slot tickets to dollars, private bathrooms and a full-service dining area where you would not be disturbed by anyone else, except for the staff of butlers that would serve you your food. This room was designated by Peter Marino, a New York-based architect. 

3 – Bellagio 

Bellagio is considered a favourite among veterans and amateurs because of its poker room. The room has 40 tables that offer a balanced mix between limit and no-limit Hold ‘Em, Omaha and many more. Players can get a constant supply of drinks and food as well as back and neck massages at any time of the day. Bellagio has a room called Bobby’s Room, named after Bobby Baldwin who is the 1978 World Series of Poker Champion. He is now an executive for MGM Resorts International. Going back to the room, it holds the highest-risk games where professional players would play for millions of dollars, late at night. 

These are only three top casinos in Las Vegas. There are so much more casinos you can find in Las Vegas, including casinos for non-gamblers as well. However, when you go to experience the casino in Las Vegas, it would be best to explore the top casinos in the city, for gamblers or non-gamblers. If you cannot afford to go to Las Vegas to enjoy the physical casinos, you can play the online casinos instead. Kiss918 Indonesia is a recommended online casino for everyone to try out. It would be worth your time. 

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