Tips For Your Dream Home

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 When building your dream home, it requires a lot of passion and patience to appropriately assess what kind of home you want to live in. This home becomes your sanctuary, your safe-space for relaxation while also being a place that you are comfortable working in. Several components are brought together to make a house a home and it can be daunting when you start from scratch. Here we provide you with a few things to consider when building your dream home to get you started.


  1.     The Roof.


The hat sitting on top of your house is not only an aesthetic piece. IT is also a security blanket– a shelter from the elements, so you need to think about the kind of roof you want over your head. Roofing Malaysia provides various kinds of materials and looks for the roof you’d like to have. You can go for a thatched roof or asbestos tiles. Asphalt and metal are common materials as well. Ensure that you understand the weather in your area of construction and that your roof is able to shield you from harsh colds, hot summers or heavy rains. While thatch is an attractive roofing material, it can become high-maintenance in areas with frequent and heavy rainfall.


  1.     The Exterior 


The exterior is just as important as the roof in ensuring that your home is secure. What is fascinating about the exterior appearance is that it is not limited to paint as many people think. Paint is a great option– colour always looks great on a building and you can get as creative as you want with your chosen tones and hues. Mix two colours together so that the lower ends of your home are a different colour to the upper end, or, if you have pillars around your house, paint them a lighter or darker shade than the rest of your house to make them pop out exquisitely. If paint does not feel right, try stoning or wood. Wood works great alongside glass doors, and stone looks exquisite with heavy oak doors. There so many different textures and tones to consider when it comes to either one so look around and pick the one that works for you

Roofing Malaysia


  1.     The Interior


The interior is the heart of the home and it requires more thought than the other two because it is complex and requires questions regarding your personal life. Do you want to raise a family in it or stay alone? How do you want to structure the flow of rooms from the kitchen to the garage? Where do you want to set up the lounge and where should your study be? Think of addings columns and archways throughout your house, or include an area for a glass partition to add a chic quality to the lounge and dining. Whatever you do with your house, ensure that it is a place that feels the most like home.

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