The Risk Of Using Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is no longer unfamiliar to big companies especially for the Information Technology department, it is up to the trend if the companies use cloud computing placed in the office. Cloud computing Malaysia normally is used for data storage, server, applications and etc. Mainly it is purchased to permanently store information used in any kind of device. Basically, a cloud computing network allows users to work via Internet-based with getting help from the cloud computing system. Of course, just like other things. Although cloud computing has a lot of advantages, it also has some disadvantages as well. If you are going to purchase one, it is important for you to know these disadvantages. 

The Dependency On Internet Connection

The thing about cloud computing is it depends on your internet connection. When cloud computing could not detect the presence of the internet connection, it will disturb the whole process of computing, generally. The real problem comes when everyone is using the same server and as the server becomes slow and weak, it invites more attacks to your system. 

The Insecurity Using Cloud Computing 

rel=”nofollow”You should know by purchasing cloud computing, you are not given more privilege on security and safety. If anything goes wrong during the process of you using cloud computing, you cannot sue or blame the servers or the cloud computing. There will always be possibilities of your information might not be saved, or details can be leaked. 

Unprotected During The Attack 

As you know that cloud computing is using the Internet and it is always exposed to other people. Thus, if any hackers actually were to hack your system, your data security and your data privacy will mostly unprotected and easy to be hacked. This is one of the highest concerns about using cloud computing. For more information, click here.

Technical Problem 

Another big problem with cloud computing is that you cannot manage it by yourself. So let say if you encounter issues or it is not working suddenly, you cannot find on Google anything that you can try to fix and do it by yourself. No matter what issues you encounter, you are required to call customer service to help you assist with such problems, and some services or helps normally require more money. Hence, some people think of cloud computing as a waste investment. 

Low Connection Of The Internet

As cloud computing depends on the Internet so much, it will not give full performance especially when the internet connection is really low. Basically, every business that sells cloud computing services would like to offer very good and high-quality ones but when cloud computing depends on the internet, and the internet connection is low, people who purchased it will say that it is not good quality, although it is not the seller’s fault. 

Nevertheless, the disadvantages do not overshadow the fact the cloud computing comes with advantages as well. My advice is for you to do atleast a bit of research regarding these cloud computing systems and ask for some advice from experts.

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