Paint Additives and their importance

Have you ever thought about how some paints have great washability, durability, and can even work as an anti-fungal and algae resistants? The paints are able to do so because, in the process of their production, some additives are added in them. These additives provide properties such as mildew resistance, anti-foaming agents or defoamers, settling, and even flow. Different additives perform different functions in paints. In paint, additives are used as unique elements that are used in small quantities to impart additional characteristics and enhance the quality of the paint. If used in the right amount, different additives in the paint can improve the appearance and the life of the paint. Anti-foaming agents or defoamers in the paint break the bubbles that form in the paint when we mix the paint for application purposes. Without the anti-foaming agent, your paint might not be able to hide the flaws and unevenness of the walls and even make uneven coatings. The additives are also used in paints to improve the production storing properties.  

Commonly used additives in paints include thickeners, emulsifiers, dispersants, pigments, defoamers, leveling agents, photo-stabilizers, curing catalysts, and other additives. All these additives heighten the natural properties of the resin and hence, improve the overall quality of the paint. These additives can easily be obtained from chemical suppliers in Malaysia. 

Usually, the acrylic emulsion in acrylic paints works as an additive that improves the abrasion resistance, resistance to fungi and algae, and washability of the paint. The acrylic emulsion belongs to the group of polymer emulsions and is related to the acrylic paints that work as a water-resistant after drying out.

For getting white pigment, titanium dioxide is used in paint as only micrometer-sized titanium dioxide causes bright white coloring. Titanium dioxide can also be used as a UV filter that protects paints’ binder material in the paint. Only nanoscale titanium dioxide is enough to achieve this property. 

If you want a high degree of scratch and abrasion resistance, matting effect, angular shaper, consistent coating texture, mass pigments, multicolor effect, low density, and excellent chemical resistance, then you need to add different additives for different purposes. All the chemical manufacturing companies in Malaysia can provide you the required additives. These additives enhance the overall performance of the paints and let you have the best look for your house. Make sure you choose a paint that has all the essential additives in it. 

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