Interesting Things To Do Around Dengkil

Dengkil is quite a small town located in Selangor and, as a person who studied there, I’m going to give you a guide to going around Dengkil. Even though it’s a small town, there are interesting places you can find around said town. There were a lot of beautiful memories created during my time there with my college friends. This small town unexpectedly became a big part of my life. Thus, that is why I’m sharing this with you. So if you have moved there or started studying in that area, here are a few things you could do that would create beautiful memories:

Visit Botanical Parks

Even though Dengkil is a small town, it’s surrounded by a lot of interesting locations. For instance, the botanical park in Putrajaya is just a 20-minute drive away from Dengkil. This botanical park is a great destination for anyone planning to go for a jog, a walk or simply have a picnic with your friends or family. The park is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parks I’ve ever seen by far.

Dine And Sail

There is a location called Cruise Tasik Putrajaya where you can rent boats that circular with a table in the middle. You can steer the boat on your own while you have a picnic with your family or friends. I remember renting one of those with my housemates and we brought doughnuts and other foods. We went at the perfect timing, eating our snacks while we watched the sunset. It was fun experiencing steering a boat too. And don’t worry, they put a life vest on you and teach you how to steer first. 

Visit Tamarind Square

If you aren’t already familiar with the location that has gone viral on TikTok, Tamarind Square is sort of a shop complex in Cyberjaya. It is perfect for those who are food-hunting as well as the perfect location for people to take pictures for their social media feed. It’s a beautiful location, aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as has a lot of good restaurants, cafes and more. The first-ever Taco Bell in Malaysia opened up in Tamarind Square. 

Visit Putrajaya & Cyberjaya

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, Putrajaya has botanical parks and awesome lakes where you can steer boats. But in general, Putrajaya is a very beautiful city in Selangor to visit. Popular among students since it’s near a lot of universities. The same goes for Cyberjaya as it’s surrounded by quite a few universities like MMU, Lim Kok Wing University as well as UiTM Dengkil Campus. In Putrajaya, there is even one of the biggest malls, IOI City Mall where a lot of students go to release their stress and hang out with friends. There are also a lot of good spots to eat in Cyberjaya. For instance, a lot of student love visiting D’Pulze Mall and hanging out there. Putrajaya and Cyberjaya are fun places to visit if you are anywhere near Dengkil. 

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