Industries That Use Laser Cutting System

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Laser cutting systems are commonly used by industries that need accurate cutting for their products. It requires high thermal energy to vaporize, burn and melt the metal used. Laser cutting gives the product high-quality finishing because it is very accurate and precise with the cutting especially for small metal.

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Though the system is called laser cutting system, it does not only cut metals but also non-metals and is also used for marking, welding and surface treatment. It is used to make complex parts and components.

These are the list of company that widely use laser cutting system in making their product:

  1.       Medical Industry

In the medical industry, they use laser cutting systems to cut medical equipment or tools such as scalpel, vascular clips, flexible shafts, scissors and forceps. There are a lot more tools used and these are only some of the tools that need to be cut and shaped using a laser machine.

 Other than that, dental items such as dental crown, brackets and teeth models are shaped and moulded using a three-dimensional laser printing machine.

  1.       Jewelry Industry

We all know that jewelries are ornamental pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. There are people who buy jewelry to wear to any special events and there are also people who just collect jewelry as a hobby. It is usually made from metals but for imitation gems or jewelries, plastic will be used. Since jewelry has its specific shape, laser machines are used to cut the metal edges to produce good quality jewelry. Types of material that is commonly used for production of jewelries are gold, silver, plastics and glass.

  1.       Automotive Industry

Automotive industry is a very big industry as it includes the manufacturing of cars, busses, trucks and motorcycles. This industry needs exact replicas of the components and parts with different shapes and sizes. Other than the components for the vehicles, laser cut is also used to replicate the body of the vehicles, electronic components and also the interior of the vehicle. In some cars, we can see that there are few buttons that have light come through it when pressed. Laser machines cut and engraved it so it appears to be like that. More classy and cool, right?

  1.       Aircraft Industry

Laser cutting allows the aircraft industry to meet prototyping demand because it is way faster and effective. Most components in the aircraft are small so laser cutting offers precise cutting and increases the accuracy. It also allows aircraft companies to make multiple designs because apparently, laser cutting systems provide machines that use low cost. It also does not require a lot of tools because it uses computer setups that allows you to change the design without the need to add any other tool.

All in all, the laser cutting system is very important to the growth of a few industries. Manufacturers such as machine structure fabrication Johor have contributed a lot in the manufacturing industry and at the same time improving the quality of the machines from time to time.

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