Earn With Youtube-10 Best Youtube Channel ideas

If you are planning to start your own Youtube channel then all you need is a good internet connection, an idea and camera. We might not be able to provide a camera, but we sure can provide you with the best ideas to start a Youtube channel. In this article, we will tell you 16 most profitable ideas for a Youtube channel. With these ideas, you can easily earn hundreds of dollars per month. Down below are mentioned some of the top profitable ideas for a Youtube channel.


One of the most profitable ideas for a Youtube channel is makeup tutorials and tips. You can upload videos on OFFICE MAKEUP, DAILY ROUTINE MAKEUP, WEDDING MAKEUP, COLLEGE MAKEUP, PROM NIGHT MAKEUP, .etc. You can make videos of different event makeup looks and or can even give some tips and tricks about the Makeup. You can also create hacks for makeup and or can do Makeup challenges to earn some extra cash. 

Food Recipes

Another most profitable idea for a Youtube channel is Food. You can make videos of different recipes of the food and share them with people from all around the world on Youtube. You can video per dish recipe or you can make collage of different dishes in one video. Food recipes are one of the most viewed videos on Youtube. 


If you are a yoga expert then nothing can be better than starting a Youtube channel where you can teach yoga to all the people across the world. You can make tutorials for different yoga poses or can start many yoga routines for fitness and weight loss. Yoga is becoming famous and becoming the choice of every female to lose weight or to maintain a healthy body. 

Health and Fitness

If you are not a Yoga lover or expert but a trainer, then you can earn great money by starting a health and fitness channel. You can make different videos about different workout plans. You can also give tips on how to stay healthy and fit. All in all, health and fitness is a great idea to start a Youtube channel to earn some good money. 

Product Reviews

You can also start a Youtube channel where you give tests and give honest reviews about different online products. With the idea, you can earn 700 dollar to 1500 dollar per month by posting nearly 5 to 10 videos. It totally depends on the products you are reviewing. If you review a product which is a hot topic among the commoner but they do not really know about the product details then you can earn some good money by it. 


Travel videos are one of the most watched videos on Youtube as people want to learn about many new things. You can travel and record videos of your experience of the city or country you visited. You can make videos about where you stay? How much money did you pay for a stay? Food costs? Transportation costs? What are the most famous places in that particular country? All these videos give ideas to the people to plan their own trip. 

Fashion Tips and Tricks

If you have a good sense of Fashion then do not waste your time and start a Youtube channel now. Share your tips and tricks to look cool and fashionable. You can share your personal tips to either look elegant, classy, cool, dive, decent, etc. You can also share information about clothing designs and matching on Youtube. 


What else can be better than making people happy? If you have a great sense of humor then start your Youtube channel and make everyone happy with it. You can record videos of your standup comedy or you can even make short funny videos. 

Nutrition and Diet Plans

Those who do not like to do tough workouts, love diet plans. If you are an expert in Nutrition and diet plan then start your Youtube channel and share different diet plans with everyone out there in the world.

Hair and Skincare Tips:

One of the best ideas to start a Youtube channel is Hair and Skincare. You can make different videos about how to take care of hair and skin and share with all the people around the world. 

To use all these ideas to earn money on Youtube, one needs a fast internet connection in his office or home. Try out Time fibre package in Malaysia if you are a resident of Malaysia and get the experience of fastest speed internet, like with Time fibre internet.

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