An apartment or terrace house?

In the 21st century, we have so many choices for a house we would like to live in. Apartments, Bungalows, Terrace, Semi-Detached Houses and many others. Few factors to differentiate them are sizes, prices, availability, space or rooms and neighbours. People should take note of this because it is important that people understand what they imagine and reality are two different things. You may imagine living harmoniously and lavishly in a bungalow but you may be overwhelmed in debt because of other things like the utility bills and there are no direct neighbour to interact with. You may imagine living in an apartment to be limited and secluded but it is actually more comfortable and manageable than a bungalow and your neighbours are so kind and friendly so it is really something that you would have to take note of when you decide to buy or rent a house. It would affect your live one way or another. However, in this article, I would like to compare between an apartment and a terrace house. 

An apartment consists of few buildings of residential units intended for domestic use but there are apartments that provides shops for the residents and some other non-residential features. In Malaysia, there are so many apartments wherever you go, especially if you reside in Kuala Lumpur. It has existed for many years, including times during the Roman Empire and in England during the Middle Ages albeit it having a bit of a different structure than the modern apartments but it serves the same purpose. As the population increases, more houses are needed so that these people can have a roof above their heads and when there is inadequate land to build land houses, you would have to build upwards which result in apartments. You can find so many Titiwangsa apartment for rent if you go to Titiwangsa. You can also find cheap Pandan Indah apartment if you look in the right places. Places like this are the right place to go if you want to buy an apartment to settle down.

Next would be a terrace house. A terrace house is a type of medium-density housing where attached houses share side walls with the neighbouring house. It originated in the 16th century in Europe and since then, the concept hasn’t really gone through a significant change like the apartment. Terrace houses still shares side walls with the house beside them and it is still a medium-density housing. Some people tend to prefer a terrace house compared to apartments due to the fact that a terrace house has a land. The space is wider in a terrace house than an apartment. Although some youngsters nowadays prefer apartments or more specifically serviced apartments where they provide amenities like gym or swimming pool, room service and such. However, the prices between these two houses truly differ from one another and it depends on your financial capability. With the house prices skyrocketing now, less and less people are able to afford to buy a terrace house and instead choose to rent it. While for an apartment, there are budget apartments under the government’s funding so the people can afford it better. If you have the luxury of choosing between the two, take your time in making a decision because it is the matter of your comfort, protection and safety so it is important that you don’t make a rushed decision whenever it comes to choosing for a house.

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